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  • Escape Blue Bedroom Escape Blue Bedroom

    Imagine that you are locked in this blue bedroom. There are some clues for you to find the key to open the door. Escape from Blue Bedroom by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. You need to pay attention to every item in the room and be careful to find the connections between

  • Hollywood Real Makeover Hollywood Real Makeover

    Lily is a famous Hollywood star but it is not an easy job for her. She has lots of responsibilities. You always have to be beautiful and elegant. So you should pay attention to your makeup and skin care. This cute girl is a Hollywood star. So she came to your beauty salon and needs skin care , make

  • Cinderella Dental Crisis Cinderella Dental Crisis

    Beautiful princess Cinderella has serious dental crisis since she did not pay much attention to mouth cavity health. Tonight she needs to attend a famous ball and she wants to have a good performance on the ball. Therefore, she has asked you to help her solve her crisis, in this exciting game called

  • Baby Care Justin Baby Care Justin

    Baby Justine needs to have a babysitting because her parents will leave the house for the night. If the baby cry you have to take care of her. Take your time to go in the bath with her. Try your best to give her a comfortable and wonderful bath. Meet her requirements of toys. After the bath you can

  • Katies tooth care Katies tooth care

    Find that our cute Katie has a tooth problem last few days and needs proper dental care. Could you help her? She is really suffering from terrible pain and unable to eat anything. Show your professional skills and act as a proper dentist to solve out this issue. Find the essential tools which you ha

  • Dora Fun Slacking Dora Fun Slacking

    Dora's last exam tomorrow, she is more interest and excite to complete her examinations. She preparing for final exam with more involvement and dedication. After a long hour, she needs some little break from her studies. Help her to spend some time with fun and her favorite activities. Take a look o

  • Dora Great Makeover Dora Great Makeover

    Dora is tired of her old look and in this Dora makeover game you will get to change it completely. There will be plenty of stuff to go through, such as new hairstyles, different make up colors and patterns but also quite a few clothes and accessories because no new look is finished without them. You

  • Dora first teeth Dora first teeth

    Dora is having some big problems with her teeth after eating so much candies and brownies. She is now at your clinic where you have to take care her teeth, removing all the rotten teeth. Because your dentist salon is a new one you can take care the baby with the latest dentist tools which will m

  • Cute Minnie Difference Cute Minnie Difference

    You have to play Cute Minnie Difference game. In this game there are images with Minnie Mouse, in some of them Minnie is with Mickey Mouse. In different level there are different images. The two images looks like the same but they arent. Your job is to find the differences. In each level there are

  • Brittany Basketball Slam Brittany Basketball Slam

    When Brittany isn?t shopping for new clothes at the mall, she loves to meet her friends on the court for a a quick game of street basketball. But Brittany never misses an opportunity to look cute, so she likes to dress up in fashionable outfits so that she can go for a slam dunk with style. Browse

  • Fruity Pizza Fruity Pizza

    Bradley the monkey is making fruity pizzas for all of his jungle buddies! Help him cook the perfect pizza and decorate it with lots of delicious fruits! Instruction: Use your mouse to click around the kitchen and follow the steps to cook the pizza. Once the pizza is ready, decorate it however you l

  • Baby Elsa got frosty Baby Elsa got frosty

    Baby Elsa Frozen is having some problems with her thin and beauty face!After staying so much time in her castle balcony, she just noticed thather face got frosty.Her face is very cold and you have to be very gentle with her face, sofirst use the dryer to defrost her face and only after that you can

  • Red Hello Kitty Sliding Red Hello Kitty Sliding

    Red Hello Kitty Sliding is very interesting game for kids especially for girls. In this fun game your job is to make the puzzle. In this game it is given an image of Hello Kitty all dressed in red. When you click on play button the image will split on several little pieces but now they are mixed. Yo

  • Barbi Birthday Party Barbi Birthday Party

    Guys, today is Barbis birthday. Lets make her surprised by organize a wonderful party for our lovely girl. Enjoy this Barbi decor games.

  • Bouncy Kitten Care Bouncy Kitten Care

    Speed up your fingers to feed the lovely cute kittens that hungrily waiting for your food serve. Enjoy the dish out by playing this game and have fun.

  • Flappy Talk Tom Flappy Talk Tom

    Fun addictive game, help talking tom fly as far as you can! Challenge the higher socre! Be careful the dangerous tunnels! Good luck!

  • Monster Eye Tooth Problems Monster Eye Tooth Problems

    Your friend needs you in this Gumball dentist game and you will need to help him as his teeth are in quite a bad condition. Make his smile fresh and white again in order to make him happy.

  • Pou Takes A Shower Pou Takes A Shower

    Pou smells bad and he decided that the shower time has come. But he is just a baby and he doesn't know how to do that, so he is asking you for help. Play this game and take Pou to the bathroom, give him the toys he wants, so he can enjoy the bath and make sure that he will get out of the bathroom cl

  • Donut Truck Donut Truck

    The CDE Donut Truck is here, and it's up to you to make delicious donuts and decorate them to perfection! Instruction: Follow the recipe to cook the donuts and then decorate them however you like!

  • Softie Sugar Cookies Softie Sugar Cookies

    After a long day at school, every girls want to do something to relax. Here is what I suggest: put your oven gloves on and start making a delicious dessert recipe! Cooking is one of my favorite activities and it seems to make me very happy and relaxed. And the resultis magnificent! Nothing compares

  • The LEGO Jigsaw Puzzle The LEGO Jigsaw Puzzle

    Put together several LEGO themed puzzles. Choose from 9 different Frozen pictures and then solve the jigsaw puzzle.

  • Baby Dora Clean The House Baby Dora Clean The House

    Our Christmas is coming,Dora and her mother will clean up their home ready for the new year.After cleaning the living room,Dora will clean up the flower garden and grow some vegetables.The community organized a volunteer activities for cleaning the beach.

  • Adventure Time Dressup Adventure Time Dressup

    What time is it?! IT'S DRESS UP TIME! Dress up Flame Princess, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and Fionna for an awesome day of adventures, science, and cool lady stuff!

  • Bloo Cupcake Bloo Cupcake

    Bloo, your favorite imaginary friend, is here to bake us yummy cupcakes. Help him create the perfect cupcake, with the perfect frosting and some sweet decorations. Start by choosing your favorite cupcake, then top it off with some delicious and inviting flavored frosting. Now add some fun decoration

  • 2014 World Cup Ground Cleaning 2014 World Cup Ground Cleaning

    2014 FIFA World Cup has been started; the stage is set for the world champion and you must be feeling the football fever as any other football fans. Given the fan frenzy towards the game it is always difficult to maintain the football ground. Lots of ground staff is involved in preparing and maintai

  • Cute Baby Doctor Cute Baby Doctor

    This cute baby has suffered an accident and has some serious injuries.You are playing the role of the Doctor and must heal the baby's wounds.Have fun!

  • Barbie School Bike Cleaning Barbie School Bike Cleaning

    Barbie has got a brand new bike as a birthday gift from her dad and everyday she goes to school on her bike. She enjoys her bike ride more than going to school. Yesterday it was raining and in spite of that she took her bike to school, as a result her bike got dirty and covered with mud. Now she can

  • Dora Mermaid Activities Dora Mermaid Activities

    Dora turns herself into a mermaid. Now she can swim like a fish and can go undersea.Help her perform and complete various tasks undersea.Finish all the tasks before the time goes out.

  • 4th of July S'mores Challenge 4th of July S'mores Challenge

    Lilly, Sarah, Gabby, and Ella are making s'mores at their 4th of July BBQ! Help them make their s'mores the fastest so that they can enjoy their delicious treats while they watch the fireworks! Instruction: Create the s'more in the picture by clicking the boxes of ingredients and choosing the corre

  • Chocolate cookie maker Chocolate cookie maker

    Kids favourite snacks are cookies and chocoloates. By playing this game you are trained to prepare a different snack which is a mixture of chocolate and cookies. It is very easy to make .To know the tips play this crispy chocolate cookie maker game.Have a sweet Day with chocolate cookie.

  • Flower princess dress up Flower princess dress up

    The Flower Princess will go to a grand party in the fairy land tonight and she wants to look her best. Help her to dress up with some fantasy dresses, accessories and shoes. Don't forget to change her hairstyle and put the perfect pet with her too so that every thing look perfect for her.

  • Denis hand surgery Denis hand surgery

    Little Deni broked had broken her finger, and now she has sever pain. So, Deni cant play with her friend, cant do her homework , she needs your help. It's your job to fix his problem with his hand. You should follow the steps to making a successful hand surgery. Enjoy this surgery game !

  • Diego Scooter Racing Diego Scooter Racing

    Help Diego overcome this adventure with his new scooter.Use your mouse to move the Diego from side to side,and you get three energy beads when all three energy beads are used up the game ends,remember avoid the rocks and tree stumps.

  • Makeover Beauty Salon Makeover Beauty Salon

    Here you get to run your own nail salon and start your appointment by washing, rinsing, drying and styling her hair ready for her big debut out on the town. Next you can color her hair to compliment her face before accessorizing it with bands, bows, hats and bling!

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadium Cleaning 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadium Cleaning

    2014 FIFA world cup has reached its final stage and a few days to go to play the final match. The world champion of football will be decided in this great stadium but the stadium is not ready for the match. The fans have left a huge waste after the last match played here. You need to clean up the me

  • Minka Kelly Beauty Spa Day Minka Kelly Beauty Spa Day

    Minka your favorite will come to your hometown day after tomorrow. Your close-friend runs a beauty parlor in the hometown. It seems that she is going to receive makeover from that beauty parlor. Tom, your friend will be on leave on that day. Give a good spa to the actress. Pour water on the face and

  • Dora Beauty Makeover Dora Beauty Makeover

    Dora is always ready for the prom girl and her preoccupation at the moment, all styled for her prom. She knows that she needs to get the perfect complexion for her face to go through the steps of a complete face care session, but she would need your helping hand with all the scrubs, cleansers an

  • Crown Cake Topper Decor Crown Cake Topper Decor

    In this dessert decoration game, you will have to decorate a wonderful cake with different layer having bright colors and attractive designs on it and on the top, you must place a crown topper in order to make it look as a crown cake. Have fun playing this cake decoration game!

  • Hansel and Gretel Dressup Hansel and Gretel Dressup

    Hansel and Gretel are brother and sister. They come across a house made of candy and sweets and begin to eat it! Dress up Hansel and Gretel for their day of delicious fun!

  • Eva D'Elf Facial Make Up Eva D'Elf Facial Make Up

    Eva d'elf is the daughter elf princess. She is passionate, and she lives in the city. Her long ears are the symbol of elf quality, but she is a modern chick. She is the volunteer in her school. She loves to play with snow flakes and her favorite food is the reddish carrot smoothie. She loves to play

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