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  • Flappy Bird Forest Adventure Flappy Bird Forest Adventure

    Help flappy bird adventure in the dangerous forest. Back home safely. Good luck!

  • Make Pumpkin Bread Make Pumpkin Bread

    Use the leftover pumpkin and easy cook a delicious Pumpkin bread. You will need a cup of pumpkin pur? which you can either get from a can, or you can make it yourself by steaming the pumpkin pieces then take out the flesh and blend it in a food processor. This wonderfull recipe use some nuts, but

  • Dream Cosmetic Surgery Dream Cosmetic Surgery

    Lisa is a indoorswoman. So she is always ready to eat food at home! Day after day! Year after year! She stays more and more at home and becomes fatter and fatter! One day, she sees a cosmetic surgery advertisement on the TV! And she wants to do it!

  • Ghoulia Yelps Hair and Facial Ghoulia Yelps Hair and Facial

    Ghoulia Yelps is a sweet zombie girl from monster high series. You can make up her in our cool game. First give her a facial care and hair care. Then dress up and make up her.

  • Zoe's Messy House Zoe's Messy House

    One day Zoe goes to her farm house which has been kept closed for years. As she entered the house she noticed that the place is messy and untidy with broken items, leftovers etc. Help Zoe to clean the house, so that it looks neat and clean.

  • Car Wash Car Wash

    Oh my God what a mess !! You are the owner of a car wash and now you must take care of your client who has a very dirty car. Because he was gone from town a long time, he left his car outside and no one watch her.Follow all steps in order and make the car shine because he must go at a wedding!

  • Gigi Grant New Scaremester Dress Up Gigi Grant New Scaremester Dress Up

    A new Scare Mester has started at Monster High and that means new looks! Gigi Grant, Daughter of the Genie introduced in Monster High 13 Wishes movie, has decided to enroll and is outfitted in her fashionably fierce core school outfit.

  • Pou JetPack Pou JetPack

    Pou is trying to exit the cave by using a jet pack.Collect all the gems on your way to the top.Have fun!

  • Autumn Fashion Autumn Fashion

    Lila in the stylish wardrobe spring clothes off to spend a day. Colorful flowers, green trees, clean air to go outside to a spring, you want to move. Our daughter loves the spring air. The beautiful clothing and jewelry, eye-catching shoes. Collect your score, the most beautiful spring clothes you s

  • Barbie Style Quiz Barbie Style Quiz

    Hello ladies! I'm sure that when you were little girls you owned at least one Barbie doll. I did, and I used to create all sorts of fabulous outfits for them. But not once did I wonder which of these fun looks and styles would suit me. This is exactly what you are going to have the chance of finding

  • Teachers Day Party Teachers Day Party

    Teachers Day is coming and our little girl wants to surprise her mother, a teacher by organizing a wonderful party. So firstly, she will arrange flowers and then, you will help her decorate a yummy cake. A lot of things to do right? Lets start now!

  • Talking Ginger New Semester Talking Ginger New Semester

    New semester is begin, Talking Ginger would back to school. Let's help him prepare for the day. brush teeth, wash face, clean the claws and ear, put on new clothes and bags, give him a great new look. Back to school together. Have fun!

  • Madeline Hatter Great Makeover Madeline Hatter Great Makeover

    This adorable series ever after rebellious plans to surprise his best friends, Raven Queen and cedar wood, with a tea party that wants to keep their famous parents Tea Shoppe in the village of thin paper. She has already decided on the most important aspects of his game, but still has to do with the

  • Enchanted Unicorn Spa Enchanted Unicorn Spa

    Zoey the unicorn is coming home from a day of exploring and magic. Help her get clean by giving her a shower and then decorate her anyway you like!

  • Musical Hands Musical Hands

    Hannah's going to participate in the Guitar melody music competition. She has a problem to design her own guitar and his dress for stage presentation. Help her to perform better and play a perfect sound from the the guitar in the performance. I hope you give an awesome design for her guitar and melo

  • Sarah's Back to School Nail Art Sarah's Back to School Nail Art

    Sarah loves doing her nails to match her interests. Now it's your turn to design the perfect set of back to school nails!

  • Dora Prepare For School Dora Prepare For School

    Guys, lets waken up Dora. Give her a shower then help her organize school bag. Oh, dont forget to help our adventure girl choose a beautiful dress and cute sandals. Now, everything is fine. Lets go to the school with Dora.

  • Frozen School Bus Panic Frozen School Bus Panic

    Help the school bus pick up Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Hans and get them to school before time runs out! Pick up Sven for a speed boost and avoid hitting Olaf or else you'll slow down!

  • Frozen Ride Frozen Ride

    In search of Elsa, Anna joined with Kristoff in the sleigh. Help them to reach the Blue ice castle without hitting the obstacles on their way. Don't hit the sides of the path as it leads to game over. You can try again to complete the level. Explore all the four levels and reach the castle in the fi

  • Dora and Friends Emma Dora and Friends Emma

    Dora have new friends now and she will have adventures with them. Meet Dora's new friend Emma. Emma is the star of the school band and a great musician. You can make up and dress up Dora's friend Emma bu playig our latest makeover game. Have Fun!

  • Baby Monster Great Manicure? Baby Monster Great Manicure?

    Make some awesome nails for your customer in this baby monster great manicure game and try to create something unique so that when they come the next time around, they will be expecting great results.

  • Poppy O'Hair's Spelltastic Makeovers Poppy O'Hair's Spelltastic Makeovers

    Poppy OHair works after school at the Tower Salon in the Village of Book End. Help her give her best friends forever after totally hexcellent hairstyles and makeovers!

  • Dora Halloween Prepare Dora Halloween Prepare

    This is Dora's routine study time of the day. But Dora feel some boring today and she decided to spend few minutes for her relax. Her favorite hobbies are displaying on the screen, help Dora to complete each and every interesting tasks within time. Also keep your eyes on her Father who entering her

  • Turkey Escape Turkey Escape

    Help Turkey to Escape from the cage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the forest.Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, help Turkey to Escape! Good Luck!

  • Mary Flower Spa Mary Flower Spa

    Considering the busy schedule during the week, Mary decided to take a break at the spa.Here, she will be treated like a princess. After receiving a treatment for relaxation, she will enjoy an entire change!She will receive a new look and a change of outfit! You will help her and everyone will be hap

  • Spa Salon Treatment Spa Salon Treatment

    Hi, kids! This gorgeous woman has problems with her spine because she have had an serious car accident. Your salon is the most famous spa on the planet. So, she comes to you every week for treatment. Apply all those special body creames like medicinal plant creames or honey lotion, make a half hou

  • Messy Talking Tom Messy Talking Tom

    Talking Tom decided to chase some birds inside the forest and he managed to get extremely dirty. He is covered in mud spots and has branches and dust in his fur. Let us help Tom get clean. Use the cleaning tools in the right order and make Top spotless. Make sure you undress him and clean his fur wi

  • Elsa in Frozen Halloween Elsa in Frozen Halloween

    Guys, Elsa in Frozen loves Halloween so much, and she decides to organize a wonderful Halloween party in her castle. Now, everything is done, she just needs to choose a perfect Halloween costume. Lets dress her up with amazing outfits and cool jeweiries.

  • Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2 Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2

    The adventure continue for Ben 10 and his partner to bring back the peace to the world.They will across from place to place to elimates the enemy force. Use ben 10 and his parter special ability to pass traps and kill the enemy. Bring both of them to the exit portal in order to go to the next level.

  • Little tailor Little tailor

    Your mission in this new and amazing game is to sew clothes with the sewing machine. First you have to choose the color of the material and after that you must draw the lines with the chalk and then with the scissors cut the material to obtain the thing you need.

  • Old Style Chat Room Escape Old Style Chat Room Escape

    Escape from the Chat Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Old Style Chat Room. Good Luck!

  • Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

    It's almost time for Thanksgiving dinner! Follow the recipe to create a delicious pumpkin pie and then decorate it however you like!

  • Restaurant Revenge Restaurant Revenge

    Rascal is back again and this time things are a little trickier! Help Rascal navigate through the restaurant to find the turkey to bring to his family for Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Regal Bedroom Escape Regal Bedroom Escape

    Escape from the Regal Bedroom by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Regal Bedroom. Good Luck!

  • Barbie Nail Games Barbie Nail Games

    Barbie loves doing her nails to upgrade her outfits very much.In this game you can give her all the tips to beautify her hands. Well,let's use the nail polish, patterns, and decorations to design Barbie's perfect nail art,have fun!

  • Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover

    Frozen Kristoff is a handsome hunk and you can pamper this smart guy in this facial makeover game. He wants a stylish makeover for Christmas. You can help him get a facial makeover in this makeover and makeup game. Have fun!

  • Christmas Cake Shop Christmas Cake Shop

    Santa will be opening his lovely Christmas Cake Shop in just a couple of days and there's still so much baking to be done! Would you like to be his little elf in the kitchen and help him cook and then lovely decorate one of those delicious, festive Christmas cakes that he'll be selling in his Christ

  • Christmas Reindeer Care Christmas Reindeer Care

    Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas Celebration except one. The Santa's Reindeer is sick and need your help. First clean him and treat his wounds with apt medicines. At least choose the best outfit and the matching accessories.

  • Stage Out Escape Stage Out Escape

    Escape from the stage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Stage. Good Luck!

  • Christmas Treat Christmas Treat

    Are you looking for the best ever Boxing Day treat? Join this online game and learn how to cook a special X-Mas treat for your near and dear ones. As it is Christmas so Why not treat yourself? Come and let's enjoy the cooking of this delicious dish right now. It's a treat that never quite gets finis

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