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  • Gingers Wedding Day Gingers Wedding Day

    Cute Talking Ginger has grown up! He’s not just a funny kitten anymore, he is now a handsome adult cat and many cat girls have a crush on him. But Ginger has already chosen the one and only love of his life. It’s a charming white cat called Melanie, and today they are getting married! It’s goi

  • Barbie Bride and Bridesmaids Makeup Barbie Bride and Bridesmaids Makeup

    Tomorrow is a big day for Barbie and her whole family: Barbie and Ken are finally getting married! Barbies friends are very excited too, especially her BFFs Teresa and Nikki, whom Barbie chose as her maids of honor. The ceremony will be held outdoors, near a small countryside lake. All the preparat

  • Animal Wedding Party Animal Wedding Party

    A good news for all the animals in the forest. The news is Fox couple are getting married this weekend. The animals are so excited to attend the wedding party with the best outfit. Since the fox couple are so close to everyone, the animals want to be so good at the party. Now, Girls!! It is in your

  • Elsa Wedding  Party? Elsa Wedding Party?

    Help the ice princess in this Elsa wedding makeover game where she would like to look her very best. Change her hair and clothing to achieve this as soon as possible.Instructions: Use the mouse to customize Elsa.

  • Rapunzel Wedding Dress Rapunzel Wedding Dress

    Today an important day for Rapunzel and Flynn! They're going to get married. Rapunzel is really excited and nervous at the same time, so she doesn't mind if you'll help her with her wedding look. Choose the dress, bouquet and amazing accessories

  • Barbie's Wedding Party Barbie's Wedding Party

    This magic day has finally arrived: Barbie is getting married! Tomorrow the most famous doll of all times is going to say her wedding vows to the man she loves - Ken. And they will live happily ever after! Barbie still can't believe it's really happening: the most important moment of her life is jus

  • Fairy princess Wedding Fairy princess Wedding

    Fairy princess lost in dreamland. She has a wedding in dream. Fairy princess in wedding. She want beautiful. Dress up Fairy princess so pretty girl. Everything looks perfect. Style the dreaming bride for her dream wedding. Please use the beautiful clothes in their wardrobes to dress them up.

  • Mulan Wedding Dress up Mulan Wedding Dress up

    The beautiful and courageous heroine princess is back and she is going to mary the prince she loves. Now she needs a nice wedding gown with her traditional fashion style. Dress up Princess Mulan for her wedding.

  • Merida Wedding Dress up Merida Wedding Dress up

    Meet redhead princess Merida from Brave movie. Now she is going to mary with the prince she loves. Dress yup princes merida for her wedding.

  • Angela and Tom Wedding Trip Angela and Tom Wedding Trip

    The wedding was just perfect! And now it's time for more fun and happiness - Angela and Tom are going on the wedding trip! Have fun sunbathing and swimming with our sweet couple!

  • Pocahontas Wedding Dress up Pocahontas Wedding Dress up

    princess pocahontas is going to marry the prince she loves. Please dress up her with cool wedding gowns.

  • Anna and Kristoff wedding Anna and Kristoff wedding

    Anna and Kristoff are going to get marry today. There are so many things to be done before the wedding. But the most important one is to think through the wedding style. Help Anna and Kristoff to become the most beautiful couple ever!

  • Zoe's Wedding Zoe's Wedding

    Zoe wishes to look special and gorgeous in her wedding party with her groom. Choose suitable dress and accessories and decor the stage.

  • Belle Wedding Dress up Belle Wedding Dress up

    Belle is a fictional character from Beauty and the Beast movie. Belles name means beauty. Princess Belle now is going to marry with Beast Prince. You must dress up Princess Belle for her wedding with cool wedding gowns.

  • Cinderella wedding dress up Cinderella wedding dress up

    Finally Prince finds Cinderella with her shoe she lest at the ball. Now Prince and Princess Cinderella are going to marry. Lets dress up Cinderella for her wedding. Dress up her with a nice wedding gowns. After that choose her a hairstyle. Then complete her look with accessories and a pair of shoes.

  • Jasmine Wedding Dress up Jasmine Wedding Dress up

    Princess Jasmine is going to marry with Prince Aladdin and she is very exited. She has selected some wedding gowns andand accessories but she couldnt decide which one to wear. Please help her to dress up for her wedding. Choose a hairstyle for her.

  • Fairytale Wedding Fairytale Wedding

    This cutie needs a really special outfit for a Fairy festival, can you help her pick out a nice dress, hairstyle, make up and much more? Make sure that she's ready and steals the show!

  • Rapunzel Wedding Dress up Rapunzel Wedding Dress up

    Long haired beautiful princess Rapunzel is going to mary with the handsome prince she loves. At this point you must dress up Rapunzel for her wedding with princess wedding gowns.

  • Tiana Wedding Dress up Tiana Wedding Dress up

    Princess Tiana is going to marry the prince she loves. She must be dressed for royal wedding. You must dress up princess Tiana for her wedding.

  • Frozen Wedding Designer Frozen Wedding Designer

    Did you know that Queen Elsa is getting married soon? She wants her bridal gown to be absolutely exclusive and that's why she hired you as her personal wedding designer. Pick the shape and the pattern for each garment and sew the best wedding gown for Elsa!

  • Snow White Wedding Dressup Snow White Wedding Dressup

    We all know the story of beautiful princess Snow White. At the end of her story she marry with the prince she loves. So we thought you might want to dress up princess Snow White for her wedding and made this princess wedding dress up game for you. Lets dress up beautiful princess Snow White for her

  • Ariel Wedding Dress up Ariel Wedding Dress up

    Ariel is going to mary with the prince she loves. You must dress up her with nice wedding gowns . Choose her some nice wedding accessories. A nice wedding gown needs a nice veil. Have fun!

  • Elsa Wedding Elsa Wedding

    There is a great celebration in Arendelle today - Elsa and Jack are getting married! The whole kingdom is hurrying to the palace to congratulate their beloved Queen. Meanwhile Jack and Elsa came to you, royal stylist, for a fashion advice. Create magically beautiful looks for the bride and groom!

  • Aurora Wedding Dress up Aurora Wedding Dress up

    Maleficent movie is very popular nowadays. it is a diverted version of sleaping beauty tale. We all love kind and beautiful princess Aurora at Maleficent movie. At the happy ending of movie Aurora and Philip marry. So we prepared a wedding game for you. You can dress up princess Aurora for her weddi

  • Romantic Bridal Wear Romantic Bridal Wear

    Its a great time for Candy today,because she is the bride of a romantic wedding.All of her relativesand friendswill attendthe wedding . She is very excited and happy,and she is the star of the wedding.Now its time to dress up,and she need a very experienced makeup artist dress her up . Flowers,

  • Spring Getaway Wedding Spring Getaway Wedding

    Emily always dreams that she can have an amazing spring getaway wedding. This year in the spring, her dream can come true. Her boy friend has proposed to her. She is very happy and excited and decides to be the most beautiful bride. Now she needs to have a makeover in the first step to make her face

  • Wedding Couple Kiss Wedding Couple Kiss

    The two lovers are now having their gorgeous wedding in the garden. Lots of friends and families are now there to celebrate them happily. The bridegroom wants to kiss the bride but he is afraid because lots of friends are there. He is nervous. Try to help this two lovers have kiss in the wedding and

  • Forest Wedding Forest Wedding

    Every girl has a bride dream. They always hope they can be the most beautiful bride on their wedding day. Lisa is also a girl among them and she has been looking forward to a perfect wedding held in the forest for a long time. Now today her dream could finally come true. There will be a grand and ro

  • Wedding Shopping Wedding Shopping

    unforgettable wedding memory, Lucy decides to buy the necessary items by herself. There are so many items need to buy, which includes dresses, suits, wines, colorful balloons, hair accessories, shoes and other things. Help girl Lucy to shop in the wedding shop. Buy all the things listed above. You n

  • Venice Wedding Venice Wedding

    Today is a special day and our cute girl will have her gorgeous wedding in the beautiful city of Venice. Would you lend her a helping hand scanning through her bridal gowns and exquisite wedding accessories to dress her up like a princess? I know you are always the best stylist. Dress this princess

  • Fairy Wedding Fairy Wedding

    Do you want to dress up the fairy bridge for her wedding day?Yes please! Especially with all the beautiful dresses and clothes available here. You can dress up the bride in traditional white and pastel wedding gowns with veils, gloves, bouquets and other lovely accessories. This lovely girl fairy is

  • Beatutiful Bride At The Sea Beatutiful Bride At The Sea

    Autumn-the wedding season, the season of romance for lovers. A romantic wedding on the beach would be ideal for coupl


    Every fairytale must have a happy end, and most of them end with a wedding. Today wedding bells a ringing for this marvelous princess and her handsome prince! As a royal stylist, you should help them look magnificent. Pick the most beautiful wedding outfits and accessories for this royal couple!

  • Beautiful Wedding Dressup Beautiful Wedding Dressup

    This beautiful lady will be in the main event, next Saturday, her wedding. It is very worried because se doesn’t know which dress to choose and which hairstyle will look best. The accessories are very important, also the bridal bouquet and grooms cake. Your goal in this game is to match as best yo

  • African Posh Wedding African Posh Wedding

    Have you ever attended an African Posh wedding? The wedding is all set to start. The groom is not ready for his wedding suit and the bride is yet to dress up. Get the bride ready with her costumes and attend the wedding. Choose for this blushing bride either a traditional African or exotic white. An

  • Barbie's Personalized Wedding Barbie's Personalized Wedding

    Barbie wants make her wedding memorable with a unique selection of personalized wedding. Help barbie to dress up nice wedding gowns. Choose her accessories and shoes. Select a nice hairstyle for barbie.

  • Movie Star Dream Wedding Thumbs Movie Star Dream Wedding Thumbs

    Marge is a famous movie star. When the news of her big wedding day is coming hit the town, every girl is eager to know what she would wear on her dream wedding. You are Marge's fashion stylist. Which beautiful wedding gown would you choose for her? Let's play this fun wedding game and enjoy!

  • Wedding Prince and Princess Wedding Prince and Princess

    Their is famous proverb saying, Marriages are made in heaven, and its memorable moment of ones lifetime, this cute looking royal couple are about to get married, they like to invite you for their wedding and looking forward to help them in choosing the marriage dress. Help them to choose the best ro

  • Pretty Blissful Bride Pretty Blissful Bride

    This bride is getting married in a few hours to her high school sweetheart! It's your job to make her look stunning, for her to shine as well as her beautiful accessories. When you're done watch the rose petals fall around her, symbolising the beauty of your work

  • Bridal Beauty Bridal Beauty

    Lina has never dreamed of having a big wedding ceremony hold at one of the most wanted fancy restaurants in town, but she has always imagined herself flaunting a lovely, doll-like look in the most important day of her life. It's her wedding day today girls and I hope you are ready to turn her into a

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